A focused team of researchers led by Prof. Barth F. Smets, pursuing Microbial Resource Management and Engineering activities. We work at the interface between environmental engineering and microbial ecology. The main topics we explore are: the engineered nitrogen cycle, water treatment biotechnology, gene flows in microbial communities. We work from the cell scale to the communities and system scales, using complementary approaches (bioreactors operation, microscopy, molecular community description, modelling, etc.)

MRM2 conference

Interested in Microbial Resource Management? Consider attending the second MRM symposium, Sept. 7&8 2017 Ghent, Belgium. Abstract submissions: June 17th. 2017.


Come to Canada this June and learn how to mitigate N2O emissions from phase isolated nitrogen removal system at the next ICA conference in Quebec, were Borja will be representing us. Also, check how to monitor your settlers and photobioreactors.

Recent publications:
Heterotrophic contribution to nitrous oxide production.
Biofilm thickness implications on micropollutant removal.
Short-sludge age EBPR process - microbial and biochemical features.
A consilience model for N2O production.
Harvesting microalgae with decreased polymer dosing.
A review on biofilm reactors and ecology.
Rhizosphere isolates metabolize PAHs and aromatic root exudates.
Challenges with ATU and chlorate as nitrification inhibitors.
Nitrotoga vs Nitrospira in newly assembled biofilm communities.

The R-code for An improved method to set significance thresholds for β diversity testing in microbial community comparisons is now also available online here and as github repository.